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Q. How long does the process take start to finish?

A. On average about 5 business days, it is usually 2-3 days before we provide you with an estimate, once we receive payment for the work done we ship it back within 1 business day.

Q. What else do you do beside fix robots?

A. Nothing! All we do is fix the little and big robots everyday

Q. What is the best way to ship a robot into you?

A. The best method of shipment we suggest is either UPS or Fed Ex, they come to our warehouse everyday so it is the fastest way!

Q. How much do you charge to look at my robot

A. We do free estimates so the only initial cost you incur is shipping or driving your unit in.

Q. Do you sell units in your shop?

A. Yes we do! We usually carry the latest models with the newest technology in our shop

Q. If I have a unit under warranty may I bring it into you?

A. Yes, we can handle everything from setting up the service call for you, fixing the robot, to dealing with the manufacture so you don’t have to.

Q. How many robots do you fix a year?

A. I usually lose count around 500!